Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training Center

1 September,2012
Gulpur, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Islamic Relief started a vocational training project in September 2012 for refugee women and girls in Gulpur Refugee Camp in order to empower these poor women with skills to support their household income earn respect and recognition from their families. Some of the students are physically impaired, orphans, widows belonging to the poorest of the households in the camp. The vocational training course is absolutely free and students are also provided material free of cost. An examination and viva is taken at the end of each course and only successful students are awarded certificates. Exceptionally talented students or those belonging to very poor households are also gifted with sewing machines, which help them kick-start their own enterprise.

During 2014, the Vocational Training Center has been an agent of change for many poor women and girls. 141 women have learned the skills to start their own tailoring business and earn a respectable income at their homes.

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