RBHC Khuiratta

RBHC Khuiratta

4 July,2010
Khuiratta, Azad Kashmir

Primary healthcare has been RAHMA’s core area of work since 2009. RAHMA’s first Basic Health Center was established with the help of local community at Khuiratta a small town in district Kotli. Gradually. this health center was transformed into a model healthcare project. In 2012. the project was selected for funding under USAID’s Small Grants Programme. With the passage of time, RAHMA has gained expertise in basic health. emergency healthcare, maternal and child health, health-related awareness raising, capacity-building and outreach services.

The RBHC saw a turnover of patients in 2014 with a total of 4,546 patients visiting it to seek medical services.

Special attention was paid to meeting the requirements of those who could not afford to pay for the services, out of total 4546 patients almost 3291 (72%) belonged to non-affording category.

Number of patients in RBHC Khuiratta

Besides consultancy other services like Echo Cardio Graphy (ECG), Lab, Ultrasound etc were also provided to 3402 beneficiaries. Complete detail of services and their impact is as under:

Services in RBHC Khuiratta

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