Ramzan Project 2019.

On 23rd of May,with the generous support of Helping Humanity Denmark, Rahma Islamic Relief has successfully distributed a total of 8100kg of food packs among the most marginalised and deserving 180 families of village Bara chara district Tharparkhar Pakistan. Tharparkhar has the lowest Human Development Index of all the districts in Sindh. Thar has a fertile desert and the livelihood of Thari people depends on rainfall agriculture.Tharparkar has the only fertile desert in the world.
Special attention was given to people with disabilities during the selection phase. The food pack comprised of edible oil, sugar, rice, wheat, tea, sharbat and dates in a quantity which is sufficient enough for a five-member family to consume for a whole month.
We are thankful to all the donors who have realised the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in times of such crisis. We are committed to putting in extra efforts to elevate the miseries of the people of Tharparkhar and bring back happiness to their lives.

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