RAHMA ISLAMIC RELIEF was planned to provide clean drinking water to those who were far from the water facility and used to travel a lot to fetch clean drinking water. Due to unavailability of clean water, most of the people among target community used to drink brackish water, especially those who had no one in their family being able to fetch water for them.

In Village Chanesirkidhani, UC Bhador, Taluqa Diplo, Dist. Tharparkar, detailed assessment was carried out with the help of local volunteers. Local volunteers helped RAHMA ISLAMIC RELIEF in formation of the hand pump committees which will be responsible for the maintenance of hand pumps in future. Moreover, local volunteers also helped RAHMA ISLAMIC RELIEF identifying suitable locations for the installation of hand pumps.
After the detailed working regarding data collection, identification of suitable locations, committee formation etc, formal agreements were signed with a vendor. The formed committees were fully involved in the installation of hand pump and provided their support in the supervision of digging and installation process along with RAHMA ISLAMIC RELIEF team. The whole process completed on January 12, 2019.

This hand pumps benefited 50 households comprised of approximately 500 individuals. Beneficiaries were very happy and pledged to take care of hand pumps so that facility could be retained up to maximum time.

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