“Charity and alms are the best remedy for ailments and calamities.” Imam Hussain (AS)
Water is life. Most of us do not know their access to water without any bothering is causing acute shortage at some place. The importance of water conservation ‘to ensure access to water to millions around the globe’ when utilizing the most precious treasure from Allah Almighty. The consequences results in the serious starvation of billions of living beings whose first resort of each day is fetching water for survival. Pakistan is one of those countries who are facing acute shortages of water especially safe drinking water. Thou the natural resources are found in enough quantity to serve the entire nation with safe water. The reason! No planning and education. Rahma Islamic Relief has completed different water schemes in different parts of Pakistan with the support of overseas and local donors. In this campaign, Rahma Islamic Relief launched an initiative of building water wells and installing hand pumps in water drought affected areas with a special focus on Tharparkar Pakistan. The citizens of this backward isolated area were finally able to enjoy one of the most basic human rights. Something, that due to their situation, considered to be luxury. Having access to clean and fresh water lead to a decline in disease and illness in the area and drastically improved these people’s standard of living. This has been supported by Rehana donor from USA .

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