RAHMA Education & Sports Complex Rahim Yar Khan

Quality education for girls is the most persistent and widely felt need of the rural areas in Rahim Yar Khan. There is no existing facility for quality education in surrounding villages of Taranda M. Panah, Tehsil Liaqatpur.The girls have to get admission in boys school, if the parents allowed them. Therefore, majority of the girls remain uneducated due to unavailability of the separate education facility.

Quality education is the second prominent factor, which is completely missing. RAHMA Education &Sports Complex is an initiative to bridge the gaps through nurturing healthy minds. There are two phases of the project, in first and on-going phase, a state of art primary school block and staff residential block shall be constructed. Basic sports facility shall also be provided in the first phase. The ground breaking of the first phase was formally conducted in March 2019 by the Chairman of Rahma Islamic Relief Fund Norway Mr.Noureddine Boukili. However, the civil work has been initiated in July 2019. The initial phase is planned to be completed by November, 2020.

RAHMA has been already implementing several education projects since its inception. In past, RAHMA has rehabilitated 35 Govt. schools in tehsil Liaqatpur in surrounding of river banks. A pilot schooling project has been upgraded to a formal education system last year in Rawalpindi. The system include English Medium curriculum with IT related skills and several value added facilities for capability grooming of the teachers and students. Same as Rawalpindi, RAHMA shall develop a tailor-made system for this education complex in the context of the requirements of students and teachers.

The philonthropists are welcome to contribute in construction of the various parts of the school. Master Plan of the complex is a self-explanatory graphic representation, which explains Financial Requirement of each section.

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