1 October,2011

The drought in Horn of Africa specifically in Somalia has badly affected the local population in terms of starvation and compelled them to shift in the IDP camps. These camps are heavily over-burdened due to growing influx of Displaced Persons. Provision of food to all these people is challenge that the Government and Humanitarian organizations are facing.

RAHMA decided to participate in the process of addressing this catastrophe. As first step, RAHMA designed this project that assisting the affected people in meeting basic humanitarian need of food for their families. It has distributed 1200 food packages to 1200 affected families. Average family size in Somalia is 6.9 persons per family . Hence around 8400 individuals (Men, women and children) were benefited from the project. Provision of food in appropriate quantity and quality in accordance with the needs of the people of all ages has reduced malnutrition caused by inadequate food due to long term drought.There are dozens of IDPs camps in surrounding of Mogadishu. Some of the camps were established few months back since drought was severely out broken in entire Somalia specifically the south region including Bay, Bakool, upper & lowerShabelle and Hiran. Around half million people are currently living in these camps. Some large camps are managed by thegovernment with financial and technical assistance of the international donors, where large scale kitchens are providing cooked food and other facilities including primary healthcare and water is also available.

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