On Oct 21,2017 Health and Hygiene awareness session was conducted at Govt. Girls Primary School Noor Ahnmed Malik Pur ,in which 101 Students and 4 Teacher participated.
We arranged a suitable place for activity in this school.Displayed the penaflex, banners and standees at the activity place.Among the Students and their Teacher, Marketing officer described the Hospital services, and delivered a detail lecture on health awareness as well as Hygiene.We also told them, how they can wash their hand properly.Student also performed an exercise Regarding Hand wash.Marketing officer also distributed soaps among the students and teachers.
We told the teachers and students about different diseases due to poor hygiene and educated the teachers and students to understand the importance of hospital Regarding women & men Healthcare, also made them aware of Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C diseases and its Lab test and vaccines which are Available at RAHMA Hospital Janpur.
At the end advertisement material was distributed among teachers and student For the promotion of Hospital and advertisement purpose , displayed panaflex regarding Hand Wash permanently in school