On Sept 17,2017 Free Medical Camp was organized by RAHMA Islamic Relief at Jhook Ghulab Shah.

Following activities were performed during
• Site was visited by Marketing Officer and venue was decided with a coordination of a focal person of Jhook Ghulab Shah (School Teacher).
• As we decided it to be a free medical camp. Medicine was collected from different sources by Admin and Finance Officer.
• Banners and standees were prepared and were displayed for advertisement at different visible places.
• On 17th September 2017 on Sunday we reached there at 09:00 AM and checked the necessary arrangement and started OPD at 10:00 AM.
• 246 Patients availed free consultation and free medicine.
• People were very satisfied and thankful to RAHMA Hospital Janpur.

The beneficiaries were very grate full to RAHMA Islamic Relief Pakistan.