Distribution of Food Items among Earthquake affectees.

On Sept. 24, 2019, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Mirpur district in southern Azad Jammu and Kashmir Territory, and days later, severe aftershocks continue to rock the area, making a bad situation even worse. More than 39 people have died, and some 746 injured—however these figures are likely to rise. Telecommunication towers, electrical poles and houses have collapsed, and car-sized cracks in roads have left the area in a state of destruction.

On 1 October Rahma Islamic Relief conducted a distribution at Ismail Abad, Pul Mundan, where 100 households were provided the food items. The beneficiaries were came here from Samawar and Pulmundan. Each Food package include following commodities:

Description Quantity
Wheat flour 10 kg
Rice 5 kg
Daal Chana 2 kg
Daal Lobia /Red beans 2 kg
Oil 3 lit
Sugar 2 kg

Unaddressed Needs

The people are still living either in the tents of the other people or they live with their relatives. The people can be provided pre-fabricated shelters or winterized camps. However, best service for them shall be financial and technical support for reconstructing their homes.
RAHMA is with them !!!
Are You ?????
Please donate for their rehabilitation .

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