Humanitarian Aid

Hand Wash Activity at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12 -2017

Health and Hygiene awareness session was conducted at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12-2017. In this activity 77 Students and 3 Teachers participated. Officials told teachers and students about different diseases due to poor hygiene.They also educate the teachers and students to understand the importance of hospital Regarding Healthcare, also aware them about Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C diseases and its Lab test and vaccines available at RAHMA Hospital Janpur. Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan

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Free Medical camp by Rahma Hospital Janpur

A free Medical camp is conducted on 31-12-2017 near Sindh river , Bait sui Basti Ghulam which 240 Patients were examined,mostly deserving and disable persone and , the persons those have not access to RAHMA Hospital Janpur also participated

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Free Medical Camps for IDPs

13 September,2014
Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Since start of the latest military operation “Zerb-e-Azb” a large number of people has migrated to settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). These Internally Displaced People or IDPs have been facing a multitude of problems ranging from simple shelter to sanitation etc. RAHMA Pakistan, after detailed survey and need assessment decided to take immediate steps to mitigate health crisis. as almost 80% of the IDPs were facing health related issues. Although the needs of IDPs in Bannu District were too immense to be met in totality by any one organization. RAHMA Pakistan did its level best to make whatever little difference it could in lives of IDPs.


Camps In Bannu

For this purpose two types of interventions were made a) provision of medical care b) distribution of herbal medicine packs. Initially a target of 3000 patients was set to be covered in 7 Medical Camps from 13th September, 2014 to 19th September 2014. The target was exceeded and 3028 patients were provided checkups and medication. Services provided in these camps were availed by men and women across all age groups. This goes to show a culturally sensitive approach to the interventions and a high level of comfort that people have with RAHMA Pakistan.

Patients in Each Camp

Herbal medicine camps were conducted in other parts of Bannu for IDPs as well. These camps proved to be equally useful and effective for those who could benefit from the services offered . A total of 2242 patients were treated in these camps. The medicine packs were collected from Qarshi Foundation, a leading Pakistani group in herbal medicines. Due to wide spread of IDPs it was decided that the packets will be distributed in different locations through medical camps and for this purpose an MoU was signed with CARE Organization for facilitating distribution. Services of a local Hakeem. a Doctor who practices traditional herbal medicines, for this purpose.

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22 March,2014
Thar Desert,Tharparkar,Sindh

RAHMA Islamic Relief Pakistan has initiated a relief project for the drought-affected people of Thar desert in district Tharparkar, Sindh. In this regard, RAHMA’s Project Coordinator Mr. Asadullah Islahi is in the district and coordinating with various stakeholders. A drought-like situation exists in the district due to scarcity of rains. Women and children are worst affected by malnutrition and dehydration, especially in villages that are away from main roads. Immediate food assistance as well as medical care is needed to save lives. RAHMA Islamic Relief has distributed cooked food among 165 patients who were admitted in DHQ Hospital, Mitthi; mainly due to dehydration and malnourishment. Following proper assessment, RAHMA has started food distribution among most vulnerable people. First 100 food packages were distributed at village Jariyar Soomra in Taluka Diplo. RAHMA has also planned several Free Medical Camps in the district. First Free Medical Camp will be organized in Isam Kot on 20th of march. Several doctors have volunteered for this medical camp. Malnutrition children health condition needed to be focused immediately so RHAMA Islamic Relief Pakistan has distributed 2800 packets of imported rich energy biscuits among 280 numbers of kids and women. RAHMA will also distribute mineral water and several valuable food supplements among the affected people with the generous support of Qarshi Foundation.


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Agricultural Assistance in Sindh

5 June,2012
District Badin, Sindh

The Heavy moon soon rains that began in August-2011 and continued in September, caused devastation in most parts of Sindh. Monsoon triggered Flooding, affected 22 out of the 23 districts in Sindh. Small farmers were found to be the most affected people during the natural disaster. Some of development sector organizations intended to provide emergency relief and some of them worked for the development of their livelihood. To play an important role, RAHMA came on to the front with the initiative for small farmers in this critical situation. RAHMA identified 630 most vulnerable farmers who could not be benefited inevitably and distributed cottonseed and fertilizers among them. These farmers were identified on the basis of their meagre income and loss they faced during heavy rains. In this situation, it was not possible for them to get rehabilitated on their own. The intervention has produced results in coherence with the objectives to enable them stand and rebuild their lives. RAHMA at one end provided instant relief to affected people, in shape of cottonseeds and fertilizers and on the other hand, has taken off the extra financial burden.

There were two main activities of the project that includes the assessment process and distribution of cottonseed and fertilizer (10 kg cottonseed of BT-121 variety, 150 kg urea fertilizer and 50 kg DAP fertilizer) among the selected 630 farming households affected by floods.


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1 October,2011

The drought in Horn of Africa specifically in Somalia has badly affected the local population in terms of starvation and compelled them to shift in the IDP camps. These camps are heavily over-burdened due to growing influx of Displaced Persons. Provision of food to all these people is challenge that the Government and Humanitarian organizations are facing.

RAHMA decided to participate in the process of addressing this catastrophe. As first step, RAHMA designed this project that assisting the affected people in meeting basic humanitarian need of food for their families. It has distributed 1200 food packages to 1200 affected families. Average family size in Somalia is 6.9 persons per family . Hence around 8400 individuals (Men, women and children) were benefited from the project. Provision of food in appropriate quantity and quality in accordance with the needs of the people of all ages has reduced malnutrition caused by inadequate food due to long term drought.There are dozens of IDPs camps in surrounding of Mogadishu. Some of the camps were established few months back since drought was severely out broken in entire Somalia specifically the south region including Bay, Bakool, upper & lowerShabelle and Hiran. Around half million people are currently living in these camps. Some large camps are managed by thegovernment with financial and technical assistance of the international donors, where large scale kitchens are providing cooked food and other facilities including primary healthcare and water is also available.

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Flood Emergency Response

5 July,2010
Rahim Yar Khan

The flash floods in Pakistan resulting from heavy rains in July 2010 brought unprecedented miseries to the people of Pakistan. The floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood, infrastructure and human deaths. Hundreds of villages and settlements in 78 districts across Pakistan were affected or completely washed away by the floods. Around 2.25 Million hectares of cropped land was submerged. Cotton and rice crops were found worst affected by floods, while sugarcane, millet and fodder were also damaged. Seeds and grains stored at various locations were destroyed, resulting in food deficiency in the flood affected areas.

RAHMA devised a project to save lives of flood-affected people by averting starvation through distributing essential food supplies and allied Non-Food Items. The project rapidly started off by distributing Food Items within 10 days after the project commencement on 15 August 2010. Humanitarian assistance by RAHMA continued till April 2011. During this period, RAHMA provided food, Kitchen utensils, quilts, hygiene kits, cotton seeds and fertilizers among 5,400 flood affected families of province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab province.

RAHMA active participation to alleviate the sufferings of flood stricken families was praised by local community and aid organizations on national and international level.

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