Hand pump Installation

Rahma Islamic Relief has recently installed 9 hand pumps, 6 out of 9 were installed in Tharparkar and 3 in District Kotli, Kashmir. The aim of installing these handpumps to benefit 213 families that are facing difficulties in bringing water from long distance in Tharparkar and to provide clean water in Kotli, Kashmir. Now, people can easily save their time and can bring clean water from Nearest place.

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Qurbani Project 2017



2 September,2017
Tharparkar, Rahim Yar Khan, Kotli Azad Kashmir

LocationFamilies BenefittedAnimals
Azad Kashmir (Refugee camp Gulpur,Khuiratta ,Sehnsa) 52533 Cows/ox , 17 goats
Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan25015 Cows/ox
Peshawar9 Cows/ox
Tharparkar5 Cows/ox


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Qurbani Project 2015

25 September,2015
Rahim Yar Khan, Kotli Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Islamic Relief has arranged many Qurbani activities in Pakistan. Qurbani meat was distributed among 450 flood effected families in Distt. Rahim Yar Khan. It was distributed among more than 400 kashmiri refugees  families in district kotli AJ&K.


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6 July,2015
Gulpur, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

ALHAMDULILLAH, like every year, RAHMA Islamic Relief conducted the annual IFTAR US SAIM 2015 in the holy month of Ramadan, in which special nutrition packages were distributed among widows, orphans and deserving people.

It was conducted in Gulpur, a far flung area of Azad Jammu & Kashmir,  where our Vocational Training Center is already operational. Students were also provided with the packages. The package included food items that are part of daily life.

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Vocational Training Center

1 September,2012
Gulpur, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Islamic Relief started a vocational training project in September 2012 for refugee women and girls in Gulpur Refugee Camp in order to empower these poor women with skills to support their household income earn respect and recognition from their families. Some of the students are physically impaired, orphans, widows belonging to the poorest of the households in the camp. The vocational training course is absolutely free and students are also provided material free of cost. An examination and viva is taken at the end of each course and only successful students are awarded certificates. Exceptionally talented students or those belonging to very poor households are also gifted with sewing machines, which help them kick-start their own enterprise.

During 2014, the Vocational Training Center has been an agent of change for many poor women and girls. 141 women have learned the skills to start their own tailoring business and earn a respectable income at their homes.

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RBHC Khuiratta

4 July,2010
Khuiratta, Azad Kashmir

Primary healthcare has been RAHMA’s core area of work since 2009. RAHMA’s first Basic Health Center was established with the help of local community at Khuiratta a small town in district Kotli. Gradually. this health center was transformed into a model healthcare project. In 2012. the project was selected for funding under USAID’s Small Grants Programme. With the passage of time, RAHMA has gained expertise in basic health. emergency healthcare, maternal and child health, health-related awareness raising, capacity-building and outreach services.

The RBHC saw a turnover of patients in 2014 with a total of 4,546 patients visiting it to seek medical services.

Special attention was paid to meeting the requirements of those who could not afford to pay for the services, out of total 4546 patients almost 3291 (72%) belonged to non-affording category.

Number of patients in RBHC Khuiratta

Besides consultancy other services like Echo Cardio Graphy (ECG), Lab, Ultrasound etc were also provided to 3402 beneficiaries. Complete detail of services and their impact is as under:

Services in RBHC Khuiratta

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4 April,2014
Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan

RAHMA Hospital was constructed in Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan by the mid of April 2014 as per work plan since June 2013.  Total area within the boundary is One Acre and the covered area is around 10,000 sq ft. This project benefits 30,000 individuals per annum, apart from general healthcare, and it also focuses on Mother & Child and Emergency Healthcare.

It is an example of sheer hard work and dedicated team effort resulting in highest achievements in limited resources. Construction of the building was completed in 9months and services were started on 21st April. 2014. however formal inauguration was held later. Mr. Malik Munir. founder of RAHMA Islamic Relief Fund inaugurated the hospital. Community members present on the occasion appreciated efforts of RAHMA Islamic Relief. The ceremony was attended by donors and other dignitaries from the area. Mr. Malik Munir appreciated efforts put in by everyone, especially the donors and RAHMA team for making the hospital possible.

The graph below gives an overview of the patients who visited to hospital for treatment in various cases / disease. In total 8524 patients availed hospital service out of which 3789 (46%) were male and 4645 (54%) were female.

Number of patients in Janpur Hospital

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10 January,2014
Rahim Yar Khan

RAHMA Islamic Relief has started a new project as Sadqa Jaria. The area in and around Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan is extremely water scarce and people suffer from acute water shortages affecting their daily lives. Even in areas where water is available, it is either not clean or not safe for human use.

In total 66 hand pumps were installed in the are during 2014 and these hand pumps are currently providing safe drinking water to 12,000+ inhabitants.


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6 October,2014
Somalia, Sindh, KPK, AJK, Afghanistan and Punjab

By the grace of ALLAH almighty, RAHMA Islamic Relief has performed Qurbani on Eid 1st day. This year, RAHMA distributed Qurbani meat among poor and needy families in Sindh, IDPs in KPK, Azad Kashmir, Afghanistan, Burma and Somalia identified through local community members and RAHMA staff. In the execution of project, volunteers provided extra ordinary services from slaughter of the animal till the end of distributions.

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Free Medical Camps for IDPs

13 September,2014
Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Since start of the latest military operation “Zerb-e-Azb” a large number of people has migrated to settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). These Internally Displaced People or IDPs have been facing a multitude of problems ranging from simple shelter to sanitation etc. RAHMA Pakistan, after detailed survey and need assessment decided to take immediate steps to mitigate health crisis. as almost 80% of the IDPs were facing health related issues. Although the needs of IDPs in Bannu District were too immense to be met in totality by any one organization. RAHMA Pakistan did its level best to make whatever little difference it could in lives of IDPs.


Camps In Bannu

For this purpose two types of interventions were made a) provision of medical care b) distribution of herbal medicine packs. Initially a target of 3000 patients was set to be covered in 7 Medical Camps from 13th September, 2014 to 19th September 2014. The target was exceeded and 3028 patients were provided checkups and medication. Services provided in these camps were availed by men and women across all age groups. This goes to show a culturally sensitive approach to the interventions and a high level of comfort that people have with RAHMA Pakistan.

Patients in Each Camp

Herbal medicine camps were conducted in other parts of Bannu for IDPs as well. These camps proved to be equally useful and effective for those who could benefit from the services offered . A total of 2242 patients were treated in these camps. The medicine packs were collected from Qarshi Foundation, a leading Pakistani group in herbal medicines. Due to wide spread of IDPs it was decided that the packets will be distributed in different locations through medical camps and for this purpose an MoU was signed with CARE Organization for facilitating distribution. Services of a local Hakeem. a Doctor who practices traditional herbal medicines, for this purpose.

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