SBM Earthquake awareness

RAHMA SBM School staff organized an activity on earthquake awareness and told students that how to stay safe in different situations.

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Hand pump Installation

Rahma Islamic Relief has recently installed 9 hand pumps, 6 out of 9 were installed in Tharparkar and 3 in District Kotli, Kashmir. The aim of installing these handpumps to benefit 213 families that are facing difficulties in bringing water from long distance in Tharparkar and to provide clean water in Kotli, Kashmir. Now, people can easily save their time and can bring clean water from Nearest place.

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Hand Wash Activity at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12 -2017

Health and Hygiene awareness session was conducted at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12-2017. In this activity 77 Students and 3 Teachers participated. Officials told teachers and students about different diseases due to poor hygiene.They also educate the teachers and students to understand the importance of hospital Regarding Healthcare, also aware them about Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C diseases and its Lab test and vaccines available at RAHMA Hospital Janpur. Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan

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Free Medical camp by Rahma Hospital Janpur

A free Medical camp is conducted on 31-12-2017 near Sindh river , Bait sui Basti Ghulam which 240 Patients were examined,mostly deserving and disable persone and , the persons those have not access to RAHMA Hospital Janpur also participated

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Qurbani Project 2017

2 September,2017
Tharparkar, Rahim Yar Khan, Kotli Azad Kashmir

LocationFamilies BenefittedAnimals
Azad Kashmir (Refugee camp Gulpur,Khuiratta ,Sehnsa) 52533 Cows/ox , 17 goats
Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan25015 Cows/ox
Peshawar9 Cows/ox
Tharparkar5 Cows/ox


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SATH Project a Seminar /Awareness Session and Hepatitis Screening Process in UAJK

Not Completed

According to WHO estimates, approximately 10 million people are suffering from hepatitis in Pakistan. Out of five types of hepatitis namely A, B, C, D and E, hepatitis B and C have the highest mortality; approximately 4-5 million people are suffering from Hepatitis B and about 4-6 million suffer from Hepatitis C.

Unsafe drinking water, unscreened blood transfusions and un-sterilized/used syringes and shaving razors have made Hepatitis one of Pakistan’s greatest health concerns. Hepatitis A and E are caused by oral infection, contaminated water and unhygienic food. Hepatitis B, C and D are caused by un-sterilized syringes, contaminated shaving razors, sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, and from mothers to infants. recently a village Prim Kot in district Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir has been identified where more than 25% of the village population is suspected to be infected by hepatitis B and (or) C.


The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is located in Muzaffarabad City but students from all over the state, Northern Areas and all the four provinces of Pakistan are pursuing their education in this institution. By implementing this project in AJK University a country wide awareness and impact can be generated in a very economical and effective manner.


To reduce the occurrence of hepatitis, RAHMA started hepatitis screening and treatment project in cooperation with University of Azad Kashmir – Muzaffarabad. In this project, RAHMA will screen 6000 students and 1000 staff members of University of AJK against the incidence of hepatitis. Identified individuals will be treated afterwards.


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Inauguration ceremony – RAHMA Hospital Sehnsa, Azad Kashmir – March 12, 2016

12 March,2012
RAHMA Basic Health Center, Near Kachehri, Sehnsa, Kotli Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Initiates another health project on March 12, 2016 in Sehnsa Azad Kashmir.

World’s famous orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Maqsood Abdali will be the chief guest.

RAHMA will provide quality healthcare services to the residents of rural Sehnsa that includes, OPD, medicine, Laboratory tests, ECG, USG, Labor room, emergency services, ambulance and health awareness.

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Qurbani Project 2015

25 September,2015
Rahim Yar Khan, Kotli Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Islamic Relief has arranged many Qurbani activities in Pakistan. Qurbani meat was distributed among 450 flood effected families in Distt. Rahim Yar Khan. It was distributed among more than 400 kashmiri refugees  families in district kotli AJ&K.


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6 July,2015
Gulpur, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

ALHAMDULILLAH, like every year, RAHMA Islamic Relief conducted the annual IFTAR US SAIM 2015 in the holy month of Ramadan, in which special nutrition packages were distributed among widows, orphans and deserving people.

It was conducted in Gulpur, a far flung area of Azad Jammu & Kashmir,  where our Vocational Training Center is already operational. Students were also provided with the packages. The package included food items that are part of daily life.

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Vocational Training Center

1 September,2012
Gulpur, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

RAHMA Islamic Relief started a vocational training project in September 2012 for refugee women and girls in Gulpur Refugee Camp in order to empower these poor women with skills to support their household income earn respect and recognition from their families. Some of the students are physically impaired, orphans, widows belonging to the poorest of the households in the camp. The vocational training course is absolutely free and students are also provided material free of cost. An examination and viva is taken at the end of each course and only successful students are awarded certificates. Exceptionally talented students or those belonging to very poor households are also gifted with sewing machines, which help them kick-start their own enterprise.

During 2014, the Vocational Training Center has been an agent of change for many poor women and girls. 141 women have learned the skills to start their own tailoring business and earn a respectable income at their homes.

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