RAHMA solar panel and water hand pump work are in progress Zohb Balochistan

Water is a basic necessity of life. Sambazah – Zhob in Balochistan is the area where majority of the people have no direct access to water. Water is available under the ground yet mostly it is brackish and not fit for human consumption. Absence of electricity adds more misery to the lives of local residents. Poverty does not allow people to utilize alternate water and electricity solutions such as solar pumps and solar energy.

In Union Council Sambazah, there are 22 primary and middle schools. Unfortunately there is no electricity in the school buildings. In 11 Schools, water is partially available and in the remaining schools there is no water facility. Infrastructure of schools building is in too poor condition and requires urgent maintenance. There are toilets but of no use due to unavailability of water. Health and Hygiene condition of the residents of Sambazah deteriorates day by day.

For promoting education, Health and WASH conditions in the area, RAHMA has started rehabilitating schools and ensures availability of water through solar pump. Moreover utilizing the generated energy from solar panels, electricity will be provided to schools.

Here are the glimpse of RAHMA’s work in Union Council Sambazah – District Zhob.

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RAHMA’s Board Members Meeting

on January 5-2019, Board meeting was held at RAHMA Office. In meeting Board of Trustees of Rahma Islamic Relief has re-elected Mr. Saghir Qamar as Chairperson for the next 3 years’ session.The Board members also reviewed the yearly progress, discussed the budget and contemplated on the planning for coming year/s.

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The Event was organized yesterday in Kotli, AJK. DHO Kotli – Dr. Shafqat Hussain Shah was the chief guest of the event, who appreciated the contribution of RAHMA in health sector in Dhanwa, Sehnsa and Khuiratta.
Chairman of RAHMA Muhammad Saghir Qamar has appreciated the services of all project staff and volunteers. Shields of appreciation were distributed among key stakeholders included health department, EPI, Social Welfare, NRSP and HHRD. Appreciation certificates were also distributed among all staff members of the Rural Healthcare care project Sehnsa.

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Distributed household goods to families affected by the fire slum in Ratta Amral Rawalpindi


It was a few days ago, the fire burned 40 huts completely, while others partially damaged. Now 40 families are forced to live under the open sky. We are giving   some basic household goods today. In this context, we have plans to help more, but it is only possible by the cooperation of the respected donors.

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Health For Orphans

There are dozens of diseases influence the lives of people especially children who are orphan and have no means of regular health screening, lab diagnosis and medication. RAHMAwith the help of Human Appeal International provided healthcare services to 500 orphan children.Provided services include health screening,lab diagnostics and medication.  Project was executed for the orphans in Bhimber/Kotli,Azad Kashmir and Rahim Yar Khan – South Punjab.


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Hand pump Installation

Rahma Islamic Relief has recently installed 9 hand pumps, 6 out of 9 were installed in Tharparkar and 3 in District Kotli, Kashmir. The aim of installing these handpumps to benefit 213 families that are facing difficulties in bringing water from long distance in Tharparkar and to provide clean water in Kotli, Kashmir. Now, people can easily save their time and can bring clean water from Nearest place.

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Excellence Certificate

Alhamdulillah Great Achievement. District Social Welfare department kotli on 09-Jan-2018 awarded certificate of excellence in recognition of excellent performance and remarkable contribution of RAHMA Islamic Relief to promote social welfare activities for marginalized communities of District kotli Azad kashmir.

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Hand Wash Activity at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12 -2017

Health and Hygiene awareness session was conducted at Government Primary School Raheemabad on 16-12-2017. In this activity 77 Students and 3 Teachers participated. Officials told teachers and students about different diseases due to poor hygiene.They also educate the teachers and students to understand the importance of hospital Regarding Healthcare, also aware them about Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C diseases and its Lab test and vaccines available at RAHMA Hospital Janpur. Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan

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