Patient Name: Safia Shamraiz
Persecuted with: pregnancy induced hypertension
Patient was booked case of RH Sehnsa, since pregnancy was positive .previously delivered in kotli due to unavailability of MCH centre in Sehnsa, Patient developed pregnancy induced hypertension in her second trimestr.due to poor background and tough field work she had respiratory tract infections in 2nd and 3rd trimester as well. her blood pressure was monitored and off n on investigations were done to keep mother and fetus safe and healthy.keeping in view her social circumstances and pregnancy it was a challenge to keep her asymptomatic,she was anemic aswell n her anemia required medical correction, .her infection was treated amicably keeping in view her pregnancy. Patient was delivered on 20 may 2017 in RH Sehnsa .patient delivered a good size baby girl of 3.7 kg. Contraception was advised .Patient and baby visited 3 month later, baby was healthy meeting all growth parameters normally.