Activity Report

RAHMA MODEL school has celebrated Universal Children’s Day

On November 20, 2020, RAHMA MODEL school has celebrated Universal Children’s Day. The main focus should be on telling the students about Universal Children’s Day that takes place annually on November 20. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954.
Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation, and discrimination. Children are used as laborers in some countries, immersed in armed conflict, living on the streets, suffering by differences be it religion, minority issues, or disabilities.
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Training Workshop

On January 18, 2020, One-day training workshop on workplace ethics and communication skills was organized at Rahma Model School Rawat.The workshop enhanced awareness of core values of the organization, ethical decision-making skills. It also described the basics of communication process and type of communication. At the last appreciation certificated was distributed among the participant.


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Need Assessment Conducted in the Flood Hit Area of Bana roya, Rahim Yar Khan

Need assessment was conducted in the flood hit area of Bana roya, Rahim Yar Khan by RAHMA.

Peoples are living in miserable condition, they haven’t any place to cook food, place to sit and sleep in night. On one beds more than four to five family members are sleeping due to flood. Due to flood now all available water hand pumps water and other water sources have contaminated and water has become undrinkable. They have to travel on boat almost 40 minutes to purchase one 1.5 litters water, which is costing Rs. 100 during these days but in routine days cost of same water bottle is Rs. 55, but the charges of fuel for boat , time consumption is separate, unsafe travelling on boat, and even availability of boat is separate issue. Same worst situation is with all other belongings, requirements, and daily necessities. As for as the need of water for cooking, washing of cloths, and daily use is they have not alternate source other than to use the contaminated water.

As these whole areas are rich agriculture , most of the affected population, male, female and even young kids is working as labour in others yields, now their sources of income has completely collapse. In such situation they have not alternate source of income, these venerable peoples deserve more attention. I have noticed that most of the peoples were eating food/ bread with green chili and salted water, moreover the lactating women’s and kids are facing extreme shortage of food and milk. Another source of milk and income is depending on livestock. Most of the villagers usually   focus on cattle forming for meat and trading during in the Holy Month of Ziel Hajj, but due to flood which is effecting very badly. They have to stay all the time in flooded water. As a result they are facing problems in their feet’s and skin daisies. Unavailability of fodder and fresh water the animals are becoming weak day by day and losing weight rapidly. Availability of vegetable has become dreams for these peoples otherwise they got vegetable for daily use very low-cost and easily. They could not come out from their house (although they have no place to sit and sleep at their housed due to wet land) because out of their house, they haven’t any shelters, safe and secure place, not proper arranged camps. Beside all above mentioned points moreover unhealthy food, contaminated water, mosquito in open areas, uncertain situation most of them are facing serious health problems like Gastro, diarrhea, malaria, acute respiratory tract infection, skin and soft tissue infections, fungal infection, snack bit, typhoid, anxiety and savior deprecation and dehydration.

During visit noticed almost most of villagers housed have damages full or damages partially. Noticed on one bed four to five persons are laying. Immediate action of relief was recommended by RAHMA’s administration, and work have already started on this matter.


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Iftaar Dinner For The Students Of Slum Based Model School

Ramadan Iftaar Dinner was hosted by RAHMA for the students of Slum Based Model School Rawalpindi.

The happiness on their faces was priceless, because they felt like a part of something big, a feeling they do not get very often. RAHMA equally rejoiced with them.

Charts were also made to thank RAHMA by the students, expressing their happiness.

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Mother & Child Health Awareness Raising Session

Mother and child health related awareness rising session in the community with the help of Government LHV and female social mobilizer were conducted by RAHMA Islamic relief.

Awareness rising session on (MCH) which was not related activity of the project arranged in the village Gowan where local female of Village health committee members and field staff invited females of the village for participation in the session. Government LHV and female social mobilizer share some valuable thoughts, ideas, and preventive measures with the females regarding (MCH).

A large number of females gathered on the day for listening and sharing certain common problems, practices and health related issues with RBHC Phagwar Mohra social mobilizer and Government LHV.

Participants were looking very keen in the session because its agenda of discussion was quite different from normal meetings. A professional and qualified field staff was available to guide them and provide proper information and knowledge about certain common health related issues prevailing in the local community.

Agenda was to create awareness in families regarding EPI and TT vaccination, counseling for breast feeding, and precautionary measures against common diseases. (FSM) also shared project objectives, introduction of the project, facilities available at health centre, Ambulance services, establishing of maternal and child health care facility at health centre. Answer and questions session at the end was also held.

Majority of the participants payed thanks to RAHMA Basic Health center Phagwar mohra team for providing such fruitful information and guidance for some practices. They said that this type of sessions should be held on regular basis.

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