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WASH is an acronym, standing for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, a group of health issues inter-related to each other. Access to WASH is a key public health issue, especially in many areas of Sindh & around.

Water wells Project for people of Thar Desert

Region of tharparker has been very severly hit by drought last year. This prolonged spell has been further agggravated by lack of access to portable or clean fronking water in the region. RAHMA paid special attention to mitigate this problem by digging wells in the worst hit areas. These wells have allowed 1300+ families to have access to clean drinking water they can use in coming years as well.

Hand pumps instalation in Rahim yar Khan

The area in and around Janpur, Rahim yar Khan is extremely water scarce as well, and people suffer from acute water shortages affecting their daily lives. Many water wells were installed in the area providing safe drinking water to 12,000 inhabitants.


It benefits health

Increases life expectancy

Impacts poverty reduction and socioeconomic development