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RAHMA has been active in this field since its very inception. Medical camps are occasionally held in remote areas.

District Tharparkar is approximately 300 KM North of District Badin and for last many years large parts of the district are facing a famine like situation. Health care services were provided by RAHMA through a mobile unit which included an ambulance, transportation for supporting staff, one Doctor, supporting paramedical staff along with volunteers.
Additionally, a Nutritional and Hygiene Support project for vulnerable women and children in District Tharparkar was designed to provide immediate relief to the drought stricken lactating mothers, newly born babies and under 5 children suffering from malnutrition since last two to three years.

Free medical camps were occasionally conducted in various areas of Kuiratta, AJK and these camps served 1302 patients, out of which 898 (69%) were female and 404 (31%) were males.


The real value of protection can only be known by those who have had it & lost it. People who have suffered and survived natural disasters or those People who are Internally Displaced as a result of Zarb E Azab, they know its importance. RAHMA knows it too, and it has tried to be a light of hope for these people who need it direly.

Numerous medical camps for the provision of medical care and distribution of herbal packets through camps were the interventions made by RAHMA for the IDPs in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. Number of beneficiaries was 3028+. The medicine packs were collected from Qarshi Foundation.

Emergency Health Services for Flood affected People RYK

Rahim Yar Khan is such an area where almost every year heavy rains causes flood. Flood devastates many areas of Rahim yar Khan and its premises. In 2014 yet another time, heavy rains caused flooding which devastated many parts of Rahim Yar Khan and the areas around it. Thought intensity was not as big as in 2010, but yet was ample to shake the lives of poor people living in Liaquatpur and Bhawalpur. In this critical time, RAHMA utilizing its presence in the area, shifted hundreds of families to secure places and conducted health camps.

RAHMA Islamic Relief has been working in Liaqatpur since 2010. An Area Office was established here to implement the projects, maintain coordination within the organization and with stakeholders and quality assurance of the deliverables. Water inundated the area and gradually spread everywhere. At start, the people were hopeful that it will not affect their homes and most of the lands as they had constructed small bund (the flood protection walls) around their lands. However, the spread became uncontrollable for these small bunds and got breached from several sides, which results in heavy flood in the area.Number of beneficiaries was 2613 +.

Humanitarian Assistance to earthquake affected people of Shangla – KPK

Shangla is a far flung rural area where life is not too easy to be spent due to inaccessibility problems. Massive earthquake that jolted shangla doubled them miseries of people and affected majority of the population. In such situation RAHMA also participated in relief activities and provided food and non-food items to most deserving affected families.Number of beneficiaries was 300 families.


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