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A good education is the key to a better life and a stronger economy. A person’s earnings increase by 10 percent with each year of school they complete.

The urban slums of Pakistan are one of the most deprived and unprivileged communities. In the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there are 32 slums. Most of these slums are inhibited by gypsy community that depends on begging as their source of income. These men, women and children can be seen all day long on busy roads and boulevards, begging for money in scorching sun or chilling winters. Although these gypsies have been living for more than 2 decades in these slums, the land is not owned by them. Hence there are no schools for them, or any hospitals. RAHMA felt the need and with the help of Individual donors, launched a project for education in slums of Rawalpindi. To start educational services, a small building, located in the slum was renovated with civil work and furniture for students. Building is donated by local community to promote education in slum to change their future life style.

RAHMA also provided technical education to 500 individuals from 2009 to 2010 at Rifah Technical Training Institute in Gharibabad, an underprivileged suburb of Rawalpindi. Technical education enabled the girls and boys to enhance their income opportunities.


Breaks the cycle of poverty that impacts the student their family and future generations

Educated students make the world a better place

This multiplier effect will ultimately transform communities