Agricultural Assistance in Sindh

5 June,2012
District Badin, Sindh

The Heavy moon soon rains that began in August-2011 and continued in September, caused devastation in most parts of Sindh. Monsoon triggered Flooding, affected 22 out of the 23 districts in Sindh. Small farmers were found to be the most affected people during the natural disaster. Some of development sector organizations intended to provide emergency relief and some of them worked for the development of their livelihood. To play an important role, RAHMA came on to the front with the initiative for small farmers in this critical situation. RAHMA identified 630 most vulnerable farmers who could not be benefited inevitably and distributed cottonseed and fertilizers among them. These farmers were identified on the basis of their meagre income and loss they faced during heavy rains. In this situation, it was not possible for them to get rehabilitated on their own. The intervention has produced results in coherence with the objectives to enable them stand and rebuild their lives. RAHMA at one end provided instant relief to affected people, in shape of cottonseeds and fertilizers and on the other hand, has taken off the extra financial burden.

There were two main activities of the project that includes the assessment process and distribution of cottonseed and fertilizer (10 kg cottonseed of BT-121 variety, 150 kg urea fertilizer and 50 kg DAP fertilizer) among the selected 630 farming households affected by floods.


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