Priority Areas:

Major thematic areas through which RAHMA intervene the lives of vulnerable people to rehabilitate and acquire positive development:


The goal is to achieve sustainable improvements in health conditions among geographically remote and economically challenged groups, and to contribute to the government’s efforts to achieve health related millennium development goals.

RAHMA’s focus in the health sector is on the following areas:

  • Primary Healthcare Centers
  • Social Mobilization
  • Capacity Building
  • Medical camps in remote areas
  • Maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH)
  • Health and hygiene awareness raising especially in emergency situations


The focus is to build a peaceful and prosperous society by promoting an equal access to quality education both for girls and boys, and ensuring a basic cycle of education for all, by:

  • Setting-up supporting schools in rural area.
  • Sponsorships for orphan and vulnerable children.
  • Increasing mass literacy by establishing adult literacy centers.

Safe Drinking Water:

  • A reduced access to water and time taken to collect it affects health of the population and opportunities related to their livelihood as well as education of the children, especially girls.
  • RAHMA’s activities in this particular sector shall focus poverty alleviation by providing rural communities with improved access to water for drinking and other household needs through installation of hand pumps/building water supply schemes on const sharing basis.

Humanitarian Aid:

  • We provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities through:
    • Development
    • Emergency Relief
    • Seasonal activities