RAHMA Islamic Relief is a registered charity accredited by the Government of Pakistan in 2009 under the trust act 1882 certified by Pakistan Center For Philanthropy.


We aspire to create a just and caring society where the needs of the poor and unprivileged people of Pakistan including AJK are taken care of and in case of natural or man-made disaster; timely help is ensured to them


Our mission is to improve the life quality of vulnerable people through sustainable development and to ensure timely humanitarian assistance in need, by:

  • Reaching out to people with limited or no access to basic services complementing, but not substituting, the efforts of government and other providers.
  • Enabling rural people create services they need and giving them access to the opportunities.
  • Organizing communities in to viable social groups.
  • Giving them a feeling of empowerment that reinforces the poverty reduction process.
  • Convincing them that they can plan and act to improve their lives.
  • Capacity building for use of resources to an optimal advantage.